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The Industrial design engineer is distinguished from the designer / drafter by the fact that a design engineer take care of the overall system as well as internal / engineering design.                 

                                        Constraint and Creativity   by  Dr. Catrinel Haught –

When we think of creativity, what usually comes to mind is an open field where anything is possible and there are no limitations. Yet, often, a blank slate can overwhelm us with its possibilities.

My theory places constraints at the heart of the creative process. It predicts that the greater the number of constraints, within reason, the more creative people are likely to be.

In this economy, using pre - fabricated/manufactured parts is greener and faster. I will make this effort first before inventing a new design. I also do a through search to see the existing product like yours. I offer risk reduction design

CADsulting's usual path to a product or facility layouts / creation is  Thinking, interviewing, then Pencil 2.50, then a search for connections, then SketchUP 8 Pro with Layout  or other software,  and/or AutoCAD and/or Solidworks 2009 - then Drawings for manufacture [DFM ]with ANSI/ASME Y14.1   Additionally, Manuals of 3D Product Concepts in 3DVIA COMPOSER & Canvas 16.  
Next is 3D Printing, [outsourced] Plots, inspection, and Manufacturing /Implementation.

CADsulting provides a quotation which is based on the project complexity/ time.
You then sign a contract and pay 30% of the total cost as advance deposit.  CADsulting sends you previews, screen shots, Skype, jpegs etc. -- to show the 3D modeling work, with your comments expected.

Finally the rest of the total effort, when the final 3D model is confirmed. We will send the final files to clients.
Fees: * - I will elevate your idea to the next level, 1st phone call and email is free, 2nd on site/off site meetings are consulting fees, sliding scale $50+ per hour or fixed fee after scope of work is agreed on.         

CADsulting:  Facilities CAD  2D-3D - TECHNICAL COMMUNICATIONS  Support - Project Coordination, Product Design, Space Planning  / Business planning, Assembly, with Creative Optimized Thinking.

                                  Knowing who to CADsult is 52% of the effort.




Click below for Engineering calculations...very useful web site link - Science & Engineering Encyclopedia 

Sample Data from Science & Engineering Encyclopedia :

Area   The amount of space taken up in a plane by a figure.

The derived SI unit of Area
The derived SI unit of area is the m2.

1 m2 = 1.19599 yd2 1 acre = 4.046856x103 m2