Since 1980 I have been making Posters as a hobby and for freelance Graphic Design.
I currently use Canvas;  Below are a few saved in the last 20 years. The first was for charity, 1995

BELOW: True Story - I was paying a parking ticket and saw movers throwing out these courtroom mahogany chairs-about 50 items-
and called Jeff Bradley, a local Artist Craftsman and we quickly followed the truck and paid them $20 to NOT go to the dump.
This flyer helped sell most of them and 2 are in my home! Not Guilty!
Designed in Canvas 9.

BELOW: Poster for GE Lynn Mass Management after I trained 188 engineers in Canvas Ver5.
I was the Instructional Designer for 14 months, traveled to Ohio, NC, VT  NH, and Lynn, MA.

BELOW: 2004   My Wedding Invitation!  [ family flew in from the 4 regions of France ]  - used Canvas 10.


BELOW: 2005 Lecturer John Anthony West needed a poster for his Branford talk, CADsulting designed this is a week.