MEP CAD Coordination Drawings   2D and 3D - Shop Drawings
Hospital Boiler Room - replace major eq., NYC Nov 2012 Project cancelled due to Sandy Storm damage
Drawings in AutoCAD and Sketchup Pro8 with mechanical plug ins. This represents 60 hours of CAD from Engineers Drawing set.

Complex buildings and light industrial projects, using either the design-bid-build approach, the design assist
approach or the design-build approach, require coordination for MEP systems. The engineer
first prepares mechanical, plumbing and electrical specifications, assigning full responsibility for
coordination to the specialty contractors, including checking for clearances, field conditions, and
architectural conditions. On design-bid-build projects, the engineer also prepares diagrammatic
drawings of MEP systems to establish the scope, materials, and quality, but not detailed layout or
installation instructions. The specification requirements and drawings provide the information inputs
for MEP coordination.

After contract award, the process for MEP coordination begins with the specialty contractors

(primarily HVAC wet and dry, plumbing, electrical, and fire protection) preparing shop drawings,

generally with a scale of 2.1 centimeters per meter (114 inch per foot), to route systems, detail for

fabrication, and locate for installation.  They also prepare section views for

highly congested areas, identify interferences, decide which contractor will revise their design, and

submit requests for information regarding problems that require engineering resolution.

The product of this process is a set of coordinated shop drawings that are

submitted to the engineer for approval.