CADsulting was responsible for training 188 process planners in GE Aircraft Engines manufacturing, ( JT7, 414, CF34, CT7 )   (regulated by the Department of Defense) in Graphics, CANVAS ver. 5 .

I traveled to 5 out-of-state GE sites, conducted classes and one-on-one follow-up, after I re-designed, illustrated and wrote an 2 handouts, 31 and 80 page manual / curriculum for process planners / manufacturing engineers. Taught ‘how to’ export 41 file types.

Instructional Designer for UNIX software used at GE for .TIFF formatting to CS-CAPP/ORACLE 7 database software (by CIM/X of Ohio); live e-learning with Microsoft Net Meeting. BELOW is Cover of Introductory Manual - I wrote and designed all 31 pages.