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* Good design is innovative * Good design makes a product useful * Good design is aesthetic * Good design helps a product to be understood * Good design is unobtrusive * Good design is honest * Good design is thorough to the last detail * Good design is concerned with the environment * Good design is as little design as possible 


GROW YOUR IDEA!  - Benefit from 25 years vast experience creating/preparing/coordinating documents, 3D design and drafting. 5 year Degree [ B.S. Industrial Design 1985 ]

Space Planning & Office Layouts, Academic Labs

Electro-Mech Packaging -MEP [Mechanical Electrical Plumbing Coordination drawings

Mechanical Design /3D Concept Design  - Solidworks

Tech. Illustration & Writing

Railcar Cab & Aircraft Interiors




Inst. & Controls

Jigs and Fixtures Concepts

Desktop Graphic Design

 3-D Solids 

 Creative Presentations

Instructional Design - Training


Human Factors & Ergonomics 

Sheet Metal Enclosures

R & D / Patent Art

Furniture Manuals

Marker Renderings.

 Dave is an Entrepreneur, has a US patent

I have a US patent. My knowledge of the drawings system is significant and can help you gain the protection that patents provide, with Design and Patent Drawings...or Not!  In some cases it is best to proceed on your own quietly.

   Why NOT to get a patent : (Get  THE CASE AGAINST PATENTS by D. LANCASTER, 

a free PDF file on the web here  )

NOTE: Not all CADsulting clients' work is here, some have confidentiality / NDA Agreements. I am still honoring NDAs from 2006, for example.

Dave brings 25 years contract experience in:

-Space Planning  Office & Lab Design - -3-D Solids

-Model Making -Machining -Milling  - New Product Development

-Instructional Design Training (188 Engineers for IT in 5 states)
-Tech. Illustration & Writing 
-Book Graphics Layout with Adobe InDesign

-Technical Graphics
-Architectural Drafting - 3D
- E/M Pkg. -Sheet Metal Enclosures  -R & D -Wiring -Inst. & Controls
- Human Factors & Ergonomics
- Railcar Cab & Aircraft Interiors

-Presentations - Marker Renderings -Desktop
Graphic Design

A Multi-talented creative thinker, with 20,000 hrs on AutoCAD 2000/08 and Canvas 12, Solidworks 2009,  Alibre, SpaceClaim, KeyCreator, SketchUP 8 Pro and Office 2010, plus...Pencil, Version 2.50 [ eraser
enhanced ]

Dave is a Graduate of an Industrial Design Bachelor of Science Degree, 1985, University of Bridgeport, CT

-Member STC, Society of Technical Communication 1999-2003
-Member IDSA Industrial Society of America, 1993-2001
-Who's Who Amoung Young American Professionals, 199
-Strathmore's Who's Who 1999-2000
-AutoCAD User's Group Int'l 1997-2002
-Branford CT Chamber of Commerce 2000-2002

25 years of Industrial Strength experience

Creative Accurate Design in MAE- Mechanical Architectural Engineering  - 3D & Drafting, as a Project Manager/Coordinator/Designer - Coordinator: Sub Contract Management, Estimating,  Technical Graphic Communication/ Web design, Concepts, CAD, and Mechanical & Facility Design…..ON SITE in Connecticut Only (SE)

Resume sent upon request ONLY if contract opportunity is in South East CT 

Grow Your Idea !